Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Myth of No Explosives at the World Trade Center Complex

Time and time again, debunkers, pseudo-skeptics, and supporters of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory falsely claim that there were no explosives at the World Trade Center complex on 9/11 because no explosives were heard by eyewitnesses or found on audio tracks from video sources. The following videos using mainstream media accounts and eyewitness testimony prove without question that explosives were heard in and around the complex on 9/11. These explosives also affected the environment outside and inside the towers themselves as detailed by firefighters and survivors.

In fact mainstream media broadcasters were very concerned that the explosions were going to bring the buildings down!

The first piece of evidence is entitled Ultimate Con 9/11. Anyone can verify the content of the video because the news broadcasts were live during the day. So a true skeptic would only need to find the source data to confirm what is in this video.

This second video does an excellent job of comparing the huge explosive sound of WTC 7 to that of a conventional controlled demolition explosion. The similarities are beyond question.

Here is an excellent documentary that answers the question-were explosives used at the WTC Complex on 9/11. And the answer to that questions is yes!

This short clip exposes the sound of explosions going off during the collapse as well as the rapid squibs following the explosions. Supporters of the official story claim these squibs are jets of air only.

Here is a compilation of audio excerpts from the New York firefighter heroes who went into the towers to fight the small pockets of fire and rescue people. Many of these brave souls did not make it out of alive. A debunker MUST claim that these heroes are lying or are hearing a mundane source for the explosions they hear. Not only that, the surrounding environment and people are effected by the results of these explosions.

In this interview with New York Fire Fighter, John Schroeder, he discusses a massive explosion at ground level inside the WTC 2 Tower before the WTC 1 is hit.

In this segment, a USA Today reporter explains that the FBI thought there was a truck the basement!

After viewing the videos above and reading the accounts of firefighters from the day, it is clear there was something other than gravity working as a force on those towers to bring them down. NIST claims there was no evidence of explosives being used on the WTC Towers therefore they did not complete forensic tests on the debris to check for explosive residue. I think the above evidence proves those tests should have been completed. This is just one more piece of evidence in a growing list of reasons why there needs to be a new independent investigation into the attacks of 9/11.